5 keys to work with a graphic designer.

So, you are an entrepreneur and you have an awesome idea. Now, you need to work with a graphic designer to convey the message to your audience. The graphic designer will guide you through the unfamiliar world of design. They will help you communicate with the audience. But getting the proper design solution is not as easy as it might seem. By understanding the designer’s perspective you might save time and money while getting the best solution. Here are a few keys to maintain a successful working relationship with a graphic designer.

Know your needs

Research and undestand the message that you want to convey, know about your competitors and audience
It might sound obvious, but you would be amazed to know how many job requests designers receive that lacks this information. The first thing that you should need to know even before approaching a designer is your marketing needs. “Marketing needs” does not refer to a logo or a print ad campaign. They are the ‘obvious’ needs. The designer would ask you about the message that you want to convey. The designer would ask you about your competitors and audience. It is very important to identify all these marketing needs before you start talking with the designers. You have to do some research.

Know your budget

Being an entrepreneur, you already know the importance of a budget, and you know it better than me. Once you have a budget, you could find the best designer who would be willing to work within your budget. You are not willing to spend more than your budget, or working with a designer not skilled enough, are you? Similarly, a professional designer does not want to work on an under-budget project. But you have to remember that in this field, you generally get what you pay for. If you have a budget constraint, tell the designer upfront.

Talk with the designer

Graphic designers cannot read your minds. You have to talk with designer, discuss over things, so that you can convey your requirements properly. The more you describe, the easier it would be for the designer to come up with a practical and suitable solution.

Give freedom

There are some things which the designer knows better than you. Please respect that. I have seen a lot of people who like to direct the designer at every step. This hinders the creativity of the designer. Definitely, your opinion counts and the designers respect that. We are professional designers. So, if you give the directions, we will definitely agree to that, but the results could have been better if we did that ourselves. What do you think?

Do not request spec work

Have you ever gone to your dentist and asked him to try his skill on your aching teeth before paying? Designers are also professionals, and they do not work for free. A professional designer does not engage in speculative, commercial projects. The portfolio of the designer reflect his skills. You can always review that before signing the contract, but please, do not ask for a specimen design. Support NO!SPEC.

Written by: Avi Bisram

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