9 Stunning Online Marketing Stats for Mobile

After a little rummaging on the internet for effective modes of and online marketing and I stumbled across an interesting powerpoint slideshow. I took it apart tile by tile and decided to carefully elaborate in this post. I want you to take a look at some very important statistics and how these statistics encourage every business to optimize its mobile channels.

The are 5X as many Cellphones as there are PCs in the world!

With over 271 million mobile phone subscribers in the US alone and about 5 billion users worldwide, its impossible to take one’s mind of the increasing possibilities available with online marketing on mobile devices. Marketers, SMEs and big brands know this and they also know that advertising through this channels is being one step ahead.



Big Brands using SMS to reach customers connect with 95% of mobile users!

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being delivered. it is a perfect fall-back for customers that stall over emails. As business, you might want to experiment with SMS.


Mobile Ads are Performing better!

Out of 10 mobile searches, 9 regularly lead to actions and over half lead to patronage. When putting up ads, it is necessary to optimize mobile options in order to maximise general online marketing results. The use of QR codes and other forms of marketing are now proving lethal tools for big brands and various SMEs.


Smartphone users are actively involved in E-commerce!

74% of smartphone users use their phone to help with shopping and 79% ultimately make a purchase as a result. Good news for businesses that run an e-commerce, right? Well, in order to pull this off, you might need to start thinking responsive web designs for starts. However in general, working on optimizing mobile channels will see this stat work for your business.


Over 84% of SMEs, Big Brands and Marketers support the use of mobile technology!

The majority do not lie. Mobile platforms have been a huge success since its inception and is growing to be one the globally accepted means of marketing. With the growing number of mobile users, it is recommended that your business keys in and explores all its benefits.


People stay about 22minutes longer on mobile than they do on Web!

The average amount of time smartphone users spend with mobile applications reached 94 minutes in December 2011 compared to the 72 minutes on web. Very concerning if you have built a full marketing campaign around the web. This ordinarily means that you have lost 22 minutes of a user’s time by default.

94 minutes

Users Spend more time on games and social networks!

If you are searching for places to put your ads, here is a tip. Try gaming apps or better still social media because this is where mobile users spend most of their time.

30 percent

Better Click-Through Rates with mobile Users!

Of the 95% who looked up local information, 61% called and 59% visited. Pretty Ok, I would say. Works good as an average click-through rate for an average brand.


There are more smartphone users that are young adults!

These age class are the very active population. They respond faster to ads and are the most targeted.


Written by: Avi Bisram

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