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I hear this question all the time. I know it’s tempting to design your own logo. You think, “I’ve got a computer program that has all these clip art pieces—how hard could it be?” Tempting, indeed. Here are my honest opinions:

  • If you have an art or graphic design degree, a thorough knowledge of color theory, layout, typography, symbolism, computer illustration programs, file formats, and commercial printing…YES, design your own logo.
  • If you cut your own hair…YES, design your own logo.
  • If you perform your own dental work…YES, design your own logo.
  • If you have ever acted as your own attorney in court…
  • If you have ever had a disease named after you…..
  • If you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, yet you still have auditioned for American Idol…
  • If you have ever built a microwave from scratch, in order to save a few hundred dollars…
  • If you skydive from a kit plane with a homemade parachute…
  • If you have ever separated yourself from your conjoined twin…
  • If you desperately want your new business to fail within the first 6 months…HECK YES, design your own logo.

Well, you get the picture. Let the professionals do what they do best. Hiring a professional to design your company’s logo will cost you some money up front, but far less than what it costs you in time, energy, and results. Of course, if you have already designed your own logo and don’t like the outcome, you might want to give me a call…on your homemade telephone.

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