Does your Logo interpret your Brand Ideals?

Does your logo interprete your brand ideals?

If you can answer this question right away, it means that these two things have happened with your business;

1. You have been able to successfully reach out to your target customers.
2. You now have loyal customers.

During the period when a business is just starting off, a prospective customer cannot automatically experience your service offerings. During  this time, the only thing that a targeted customer can identify with is a business’ brand identity; one which has been utterly subjected to tailored advertising and constant promotion in order to bring these services to the notice of the public. With starting businesses, it is very important not to overlook the relevance of a discerning logo design and eventually a unique brand identity that perfectly communicates your brand essence to your target audience.

Because of the stiff competition today among businesses, designs that do not embody brand ideals to instantly communicate will find it a tad herculean to penetrate a targeted audience and most likely would be left with a minuscule amount of loyalists compared to their competition.

Take a quick look at this infographic and see what the different shapes, colours and typefaces might interpret your brand ideals effectively. ( Infographic Source: 123Print )


Written by: Avi Bisram

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