Most marketing products and services focus on either ‘big picture’ strategies or ‘ground level’ tactics, but a good marketing strategy should have both. You need a roadmap that not only shows you where you want to go, but also exactly what you need to do to get there.


Helping service-based business owners develop that roadmap is my specialty.


You might be asking yourself, “Couldn’t I just save money by writing my own marketing plan?” Of course you could. Just like you could save money by skipping the accountant and handling your own business taxes. Actually, that is exactly the approach a lot of business owners take…


But you want better results than ‘most’ businesses achieve because, let’s face it, ‘most’ small businesses fail.


You understand that just like with a good accountant, a good marketing strategist will help you to maximize your returns and actually save you money far beyond the fees you pay for their services. They help you understand what has happened within your business in the past and use that information to plan for the future. They’ll also teach you the difference between what you can handle yourself, what you should hire out, and what you should stop spending money on all together. THIS is what I do.


I use a combination of data, industry knowledge and creativity to help you set and achieve realistic marketing goals for your business. Unlike a marketing plan template you find on the internet, I customize the solution to your business, your customers, and your strengths and weaknesses.


Quarterly Marketing Strategy


Why a three-month plan? Truthfully, you’re less likely to get things done if we set a large goal for the year. Small, achievable goals with realistic timelines is what we’re working toward. We can use those pie-in-the-sky ‘dream-goals’ you have floating around your brain to help define our short-term objectives, but the truth is that things change quickly and working with a three-month plan will allow you to adapt to those changes. Maybe more importantly, slow and constant growth will allow your business processes to keep up with the needs of your clients and will keep you grounded to what’s important – serving the people who need what you do.


Your marketing strategy is an investment that snowballs over time, so you need to get started sooner rather than later.


I’m all in. I am completely focused on setting you up for success to grow your businesses.  Why? Because your success is directly tied to my own. When you win, I win.


So how much does it cost to have a marketing strategist on the executive team of your business? Someone to help you evaluate new opportunities and plan where you can best spend your time and money?


A quarterly strategy session with me starts at $240 (the equivalent of $80 per month). Once you’ve become a client, you get access to my consulting calendar. You can use it to schedule check-in sessions or get advice on new opportunities when needed throughout the three month period.




What exactly do you get from your strategy session?


First we will discuss what your goals are, what we need to achieve to reach them, and how we can measure your efforts. It’s my job to lead you to the information we need, so don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers yet.


The strategy session is completely custom, but we’ll probably talk about:


  • – your business
  • – what you offer
  • – what you really offer
  • – your current customers (and who you would like them to be)
  • – times of year you are busiest/slowest
  • – if you are planning to expand your market or launch a new service/product/package
  • – your current and past marketing, if it is working, and how you know
  • – who your competitors are
  • – how to set your marketing budget
  • – your strengths and weaknesses, and how we can make them work for your brand

Once we have set your goals, I get to work on a written plan that works with your budget. My marketing strategy plans are as concise and actionable as possible (no novels that are never opened again). I create timelines and to-do lists that make it easy to implement for you and your staff.




Book your session to learn how you can build your traffic, convert leads, and keep customers coming back to you.