Youtube has subtly released a new logo design. From its appearance it conforms to the new flat design trend seen in most recent logos and UI such as iOS7 and Windows Phone. It is characterized by text written in sans font and the big play icon with subtle shadowing to add some edge to the design. From our article on Brand Identity Best Practices, the logo is best described as simple and distinguishable, The logo first appeared in the redesign of YouTube’s Android and iOS apps, and it’s now adapted on their Facebook page and Twitter profile but not yet on the main YouTube website.

Over the years, the YouTube logo has been fairly same — its always been a text based logo partially encapsulated in a big red bubble.




This rebranding effort may allow YouTube to be associated solely with a big red-and-white play icon, which could be seen as a stronger way to represent itself than solely its name. Shapes and Imagery has always been a key factor that influences a good logo design.

Here is the company’s full statement:
Our main logo is a core part of YouTube and is not going away. We are increasingly using our play button for apps and icons.

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Written by: Avi Bisram

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