Yahoo is a business holder that could be said as one of the most known companies in the world, why, because their clever services, few could argue but the main thing is that they are certainly an option for every kind of services like for electronic mailing, search engine, news of course. But what took the conception of the users away is the new logo issued by Yahoo and the overall review about it is that it does not worth to be a logo of such a famous name.

If it is getting hype so why not discuss the pros and cons do the new Yahoo Logo. If by the designing perspective it is called by some a joke so can we call professionals simply not worthy of that job? Many have just provided the bad points about the logo but it is time to discuss the bad ones and try to identify the good ones in it.



Argument # 1

With time the representation wants innovation

There is no doubt that with time there is a need to change the face of the brand but it is a huge responsibility to be precise and follow the same theme and if it goes even a little bit off the expectations than it is also the job top hear the critics. That is the case of Yahoo and the design because of its various features thought to be below the level of eye catching decency.

Argument # 2

The in-depth design analysis

In design, the first thing to be shared is the 3D shading of the text is not looking good and that is why the design looks out of the touch and the second thing that the representative Y of the Yahoo is changed and the single Y now can longer represent Yahoo because in the previous one it was with the right stick of Y shorter than the other and now it is not the case. Now slim text is used and the last letter O is apparently larger than the second last one.

Argument # 3

Yahoo Why?

It is because there needs to be innovation and the designer just fell short of ideas, this is a truth that may be some other designers could have been done better but there must be a specific reason for it, is a bad looking logo is used on purpose? We will discuss in Argument no. 5 and 6.

Argument # 4

A logo not worthy of being one for Yahoo

Everyone has its own taste and likeness but the review seems to be the correct that is lead by the majority and that is certainly the case for Yahoo. People discuss different aspects of it and comes to the opinion that it is not worthy of being the logo for name such as Yahoo.

Argument # 5

How could this be on purpose?

The first thing that could have been wanting is the attention of a large no. of internet users and that is what they have achieved because no doubt that is why you are reading this blog right now. Yahoo got some attention and now people have easily learned about their new changes so that more and more people can check it out and certainly challenge the others in the business.

Argument # 6

Marrisa Mayer needed attention

The first thing comes into the mind that who is the one that issued it for the use and the name comes out is Marrisa Mayer. She is pretty and maybe that is why she tried to tell the maximum that she has changed the seats from Google to Yahoo. Yes Google was deeply entertained by her efforts and now the time is what is deserved to do what is expected.

May be some will find it a bad one and professionals always know what is in the mind for the long term so they deserve time.

Written by: Avi Bisram

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